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Frictionless assembly of your machines is guaranteed by our modern equipment, expertise and vehicle fleet. Our experience shows: in many cases, additional services such as packaging, transport or storage are required in addition to assembly or disassembly.

LUI GmbH is your all-in-one partner.

If you want to relocate your production facilities, parts of them or your entire operation, then this usually represents a massive intervention in your company’s value stream. How long your production stands still has a direct impact on your annual result. Therefore, the primary goal must be to minimise your downtime as much as possible.

The larger your relocation project is, the more important an intensive planning phase is in advance. We work with you to draw up a detailed and transparent relocation plan.

  1. Precise documentation of the machine type, with dimensions and weights
  2. Elaboration of the equipment requirements
  3. Calculation of the optimum transport route, taking into account environmental aspects and traffic conditions
  4. Consideration of any restrictions and special requirements on your part
  5. Preparation of a time and deployment plan

Efficient concepts for successful machine relocations

When implementing your project, it goes without saying that we only use qualified personnel and pay attention to the safe handling of people and machines.

Likewise we react quickly and flexibly to any changes.

When inspecting and planning your premises, our experienced field staff will discuss all relevant points and options with you in detail. On this basis, you can make the best decision for your company. In any case, we guarantee that we always look for the most efficient and economical solution for our customers.

We offer the optimal combination of fresh ideas and dynamism from young people with the expertise of our experienced employees. This is reflected in our customer satisfaction and the trust placed in us at an international level.

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