Sustainable relocation with respect and protection of our environment.

n times of resource scarcity, an extended product life cycle and the protection of the environment are of immense importance.

Reusing materials reduces the amount of waste and garbage that ends up in landfill or in the environment. Through careful disposal and scrapping, it is possible to turn residual materials into reusable materials. This helps to reduce the environmental impact and conserve natural resources.
As part of our efforts to be environmentally friendly, we work with partners who specialize in the disposal and recycling of raw materials. These partners can help to dispose of or recycle raw materials in a safe and sustainable way.

Together with you and our partners, we reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Environment Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and will continue to strive to promote environmentally friendly practices in all areas of our work.

This starts in the office with saving paper and goes on to choosing the most economically and ecologically lucrative transportation route in addition to selecting the most environmentally friendly packaging and scrapping process possible.

Our efforts for the future will be to implement an environmental management system and to work with you to develop a concept that has the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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